Jaz Cheung


Jaz Cheung, graduated in Fashion and Knitwear Design with Technology under the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Scheme in Fashion and Textiles at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
She would like to be surprised and surprise others since she is a design enthusiast with fashion and culture. Always faithful to the past and grateful to the future.

張嘉敏Jaz Cheung畢業於香港理工大學時裝及紡織系,主修時裝及針織品設計。

Exhibition showpiece


"Absurd Theatre" refers to the "humanly impossible" rather than "logically impossible", meanwhile, embracing the absurd condition of human existence, continuously explore it, respond to it for your imagination and meaning.

This collection is inspired by the relation between the surrealistic creatures from Shan Hai Jing (Classic of the Mountains and Seas) and the extra-terrestrial intelligence, such as various beasts and bizarre myths. However, the classic itself is complicated and full of mysteriousness, waiting to be explored. The collection "Absurd Theatre" attempts to deconstruct the relationship and cohabitation between the most surrealistic creatures and the realistic facts, and develop the idea based on the hypotheses of Chinese literature, mythology, unidentified material, and technology in order to apply the inspirations to create the valuable “Structural Fashion”.


這個系列的靈感來自山海經的超現實生物與外星智慧之間的關係,如各種野獸和奇異的神話。 然而,經典本身是複雜而充滿神秘感,等待探索。 「荒誕劇場」系列試圖解構超現實主義生物與現實之間的關係,並根據中國文學,神話,不明物質和技術的假設發展觀念,以應用創作的靈感 有價值的「結構時尚」。