Maxine Cheung


Maxine Cheung graduated from Hong Kong Design Institute. She believes that fashion and environmental protection can co-exist and the eco-friendly lifestyle is very important to protect our world. Therefore, she loves develop and create eco-friendly design and uses special material in her design. She is devoted in combining the natural, eco-friendly, special materials and garment construction methods to invent a new fashion style. Her design includes not only the message of earth protection but also the importance of creating sustainable designs to influence the consumers and the industry. Fashion is not only created by fashion designers but also the consumers, she hopes that the combination of fashion and technology can bring us a better living.


Exhibition showpiece


Inspired by the armor. This outfit is made by natural fabric and recyclable paper with zero‐waste technique and natural dye.

靈感源自盔甲。 這件衣服由真絲和可生物降解的紙張製成,並使用了零廢料技術和天然染料製作。