Wesker Au


Wesker Au graduated from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2017 and was awarded the champion in the graduation fashion show. In 2016, Wesker was awarded the overall winner of the “16th Footwear Design Competition Hong Kong”. Over the past years, he has also participated in many different design competitions, such as the Fur Design Competitions; his works have earned him high recognitions, as well as awards in many of these competitions. In 2017, Wesker Au and Hua Yi established fashion brand CHAPITRE À in Hong Kong.

歐智業2017年畢業於香港中文大學專業進修學院並獲得當年的畢業設計冠軍,現於香港理工大學服裝系繼續進修。2016年獲得香港鞋款設計比賽全場總冠軍,並在多個設計比賽入圍及獲得獎項。2017年歐智業與花毅在香港共同創立CHAPITRE À時裝品牌。

Exhibition showpiece


Inspired by "The Pirate Ship". An oversized cloak with special zipper design for wearing in many different ways for creating different interesting styles. Together with 3D embroidery sweatshirt, it creates an impact of retro and young street style.

靈感來源於海盜船,外型設計配合著海盜非一般的氣場,拉鍊設計展現服裝多元化的 穿著方式和輪廓變化,再配合立體繡花衛衣增加質感。整個設計是復古與現代街頭風格結合的成品。