Ingrid Ho


Ho Ying Suet, Ingrid, an ambitious and hardworking fashion designer. She believes more experience you have, more successful you will get. Therefore, she took part in different fields of competitions, like fashion design and drawing. During her first year in studying fashion design, she won the Hong Kong Woolen & Synthetic Knitting Manufacturers’ Association Scholarship 2017 and Fenix Group Travel Scholarship to Shanghai SpinExpo 2017. In the final year, she won the Overall Winner Award in the HKDI Graduation Fashion Show 2018 and she was also selected as one of the finalists in the 8th Hong Kong Young Knitwear Designers’ Contest organized by the Knitwear Innovation & Design Society (KIDS). Last but not least, she won the DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talents Special Mention Award. Ingrid has her own conceptual thinking, sense of colour combination and visualization which is reflected in her graduation fashion collection. It shows the intricate knit pattern by combining the techniques of the computerized knitting machine and hand knotting of mesh fabric that lends her ensembles a highly expressive signature style. Her destination is to own an international fashion brand and to promote eco-friendly fashion in Hong Kong and even to the world.

何映雪,一個有志向和勤力的時裝設計師。她相信經歷和成功是成正比的,所以經常參加各種各樣的比賽,亦曾獲得不少獎項。在時裝設計課程的第一個學期,她贏取了香港羊毛化纖針織業商會獎學金2017和2017 Fenix Group的獎學金到上海世博展覽館參觀。而在最後一個學期,2018香港知專設計學院畢業時裝設計秀中榮獲全場總冠軍,亦在《第八屆香港青年毛織毛識設計師大賽》得到決賽資格。最後,也獲得了DFA香港青年設計才俊獎中的特別嘉許獎。她有獨特設計概念和顏色配搭的運用,還有擅長把針織中手織和機織的技術融合,形成個人獨特風格。Ingrid期望將來可以成為一位香港設計師,擁有個人品牌,還有推廣環保物料製作,將品牌形象和精神傳揚到海外。

Exhibition showpiece


Moths are the only group of insects that have scales covering their wings. It is similar to wool, feeling so soft and hairy.