Juliette Ho



Juliette Ho is a fashion designer specialised in Contemporary Evening Apparel. She is the winner of DFA Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award 2018. She received an International Exchange Scholarship sponsored by Esprit Cares Trust Fund to study at Designskolen Kolding, Denmark in 2017. She also won ‘Most Glamorous Award’ at HKDI Graduation Show 2018 and the first-runner up in Hong Kong Fur Design Competition 2017.

‘Cultural Preservation’ is her design philosophy. Juliette’s final year collection / RE-COUTURE / is a fashion revolution – the new REpresentation of Haute COUTURE, experimenting the mix and match of historical craftsmanship details with the apply of modern silhouettes. Stylish, unisex eveningwear is her major direction. She believes affordable Couture will be the best weapon against the massive attack of fast fashion nowadays. In the future, she aims to achieve a luxury design career and promote cultural fashion through arts education.


Juliette Ho 是一位當代晚禮服的時裝設計師,為2018年度香港青年設計才俊獎得主。她獲得由 Esprit Cares 信託基金贊助的國際交流獎學金,遠赴於丹麥 Designskolen Kolding 深造。於 《2018年HKDI畢業展》上獲得「最華麗大獎」,並在《2017年香 港皮草設計大賽》中獲得了第二名。

「文化承傳」是Juliette的設計理念。 其畢業作品 / RE-COUTURE / 為一場時尚革命 – 高級訂製的全新演繹,以現 代化的成衣輪廓,混合復古的優雅細節,實驗性系列營造出古今合璧的氛圍。型格、中性的晚裝為其大方向。她相信經濟的訂製時裝是對付當今速食時裝大突擊的最佳武器。在未來,她目標從事奢侈品設計,以及通過藝術教育促進時尚文化。

Exhibition showpiece


/ RE-COUTURE / is inspired by the Victorian Era from 18th century. The new Representation of Haute COUTURE, with the max and match of modern ready-to-wear silhouettes and historical details, like slashing, smocking and ruffles. Stylish, unisex eveningwear is the major direction of this collection.

/ RE-COUTURE / 靈感來源是來自18世紀維多利亞時代風格。這是高級訂製的一場全新演繹,以現代化的成衣輪廓,混合復古的優雅細節,如slashing、smocking及ruffles,營造出古今合璧的氛圍。型格、中性的晚裝為系列的大動向。