Polly Ho


Designer Polly Ho graduated with BA (Hons) of Arts and Design from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and furthered her studies at the University of Central England. Prior to launching her own brand, Polly worked for Misa Harada Millinery in London in 2003 and was a brand consultant for a number of Chinese brands. Polly launched LOOM LOOP's first collection shortly after winning the corporate fashion project for the Philippe Starck-designed hotel, The South Beach in Singapore. Since winning the project she has gone on to win the SME’s Youth Entrepreneurship Award in 2015, the Design for Asia Award 2015 and 2016 (Bronze), Perspective’s 40 under 40 Award, HKDA Global Design Awards (Silver and Hong Kong Best) in 2016 and Distinction of German Design Award 2018. Polly presented her collections at Tokyo Fashion Week in October 2015 to 2017, and New York Fashion Week in February 2016 to 2017 and Mercedes Benz Beijing Fashion Week in 2017.

香港時裝設計師,畢業於香港理工大學,曾於英國伯明罕 The University of Central England 就讀及英國倫敦 Misa Harada Millinery 工作室擔任設計助理。一次偶然的廣東旅程,發現了一種快將失傳的面料「莨紗綢」,Polly決定放棄本身的工作,展開尋找時裝夢想之旅,創立一個有環保概念,而又將中西文化結合的品牌。運用不同的環保素材,造出富有當代時尚感覺的系列。近年她贏得2015中小企業的青年創業獎,2015 及2016亞洲最具影響力大獎 - 類別獎(銅獎),2016環球設計大獎 - 類別獎(3個銀獎及香港之最),Perspective 雜誌舉辦的 40 under 40獎項,意大利的A’ Design Award 及 2018德國設計大獎優越獎。Polly曾參與了2015東京(奔馳)時裝周及2016及2017東京(亞馬遜)時裝周的時裝秀;另外,她也參與了2016及2017紐約時裝周的官方時裝秀及2017北京奔馳時裝周。

Exhibition showpiece


The SS19 collection is inspired by a Chinese folk, Grain in Ear (Mang Zhong). The mango and pomegranate being applied in print design help to show a picture of “Mang Zhong”. The animals help to show the vitality in summer, in which the Lucky Cat is the designer’s childhood design. The combination of their own design with modern buildings and the patterns such as mango and pomegranates create a unique personal style.