Kim Kam


Kam Tsz Ching, Kim graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Fashion and Textile Design. Kim loves to create structured, unique fashion with different colour combination in her design. She hopes people can get inspired from her collection “FORCE OF NATURE”, to appreciate, praise and protect the most natural things in Hong Kong. From the details, the unique tailoring and the style of her collection, bringing out the interaction between nature, people and the city.

甘子晴Kim畢業於香港理工大學時裝設計系。她喜歡創作舞 台感、故事性的服飾並配搭不同的強烈色彩 。在這次畢業作品 “FORCE OF NATUER”中,希望大家可從系列獲得啟發與思考,欣賞及讚揚值得我們去關注和保護的自然事物。從衣服的細節、獨特的剪裁和風格,帶出人與自然及城市之間的相互關係。

Exhibition showpiece


Not only is Hong Kong a concrete jungle, it is also a place with natural, beautiful and immovable natural environment. That is the “FORCE OF NATURE”. Mountain, city and humans are always closely associated. The best way for people to explore the Hong Kong greenery is to involve themselves in a variety of natural environments, like the steep peaks and ridges, waterfalls and streams, green forests, rocky shores and outlying islands. They give birth to the beautiful scenery and are long-lasting, full of vitality and energetic, which allow people to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

香港除了有石屎森林外,這裡更有著最自然、美麗、不能改變的山、景色,也是很值得我們去欣賞和保護,即是「自然之力 」。 山、城市和人類總是有著非常緊密的關係,人們探索香港的綠地的最佳方式是觀察地貌獨特的自然環境,如陡峭的山峰和山脊,瀑布和溪流,綠色森林,岩石海岸和離島。它們生成了美麗的風景,是持久和充滿活力,使人們擺脫城市生活的喧囂。