Monie Ko


Monie Ko, Bachelor of Fashion design (Hon) of the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong. Inspired by housewares, Monie believes that fashion design can link to different categories of design, such as home design, interior design and craftsmanship. Her collection shows that she is in love with crafting culture, in response to environmental protection and loves to observe and imagine.

高倩藍Monie Ko, 香港高等教育科技學院時裝設計(榮譽)文學士畢業生。受日常家品所啟發,Monie相信從事時裝設計,不一定只從時裝角度思考,也可參考其他範疇的設計,如家品設計、室內設計及工藝技術等。從系列中可看見她熱愛工藝,響應環保,喜歡觀察日常生活中的種種事物,把平凡物品或廢棄物融入時裝,賦予新生。

Exhibition showpiece


The collection entitled '竹妞’ links to uniqueness and distinction. It overturns the traditional use of apparel fabrics and replaces it with special materials including bamboo, rattan and hay. Interestingly, these materials which were used to create these outfits are not rare materials, they are full of retro and crafting culture. Some even are conducive to sustainable development through recycling.