Kay Kwok


Kay Kwok is Hong Kong born London based menswear designer launching his label in 2013 with the aesthetic ethos: contemporarily-futuristic and Forward-thinking. The debut collection, sponsored by GQ China, was shown in London Fashion Week- the first Hong Kong menswear designer who has shown his collection in there. And International fashion editor Suzy Menkes, in New York Times Fashion, gave compliments at his show.
With a strong passion for fashion design, Kay continued further study in London College of Fashion earning MA degree in Fashion Menswear. To pursue more experience in fashion design. Kay has interned with Alexander Mcqueen while he studied in London College of Fashion. With his graduation collection, Kay was named the overall winner in the prestigious fashion competition in Italy- Mittelmoda fashion award 2012, the first Chinese named as the winner over 20 years of the award.

在香港出生的郭子鋒 (KAY KWOK)在倫敦開展了時裝設計師生涯。2013年在倫敦時裝學院研究生畢業。曾在著名時裝品牌 ALEXANDER MCQUEEN實習。以畢業系列成功取得 THE 20TH MITTELMODA FASHION AWARD ITALY 全場總冠軍,成為歷年20年來第一個中國人奪得此殊榮。
隨即他創立了個人男裝品牌KAY KWOK,以當代未來感和前瞻思維確立自己的審美風尚。並在同年獲GQ CHINA支持,於倫敦男裝周展出其首季春夏系列,成為首位在倫敦男裝周的香港裝設計師。展後更獲國際時裝編輯 Suzy Menkes在《紐約時報》時裝版中讚許。

Exhibition showpiece


Have you thought about how would it be like when A.I. conquered our world?
With the fascinating imagination, KAY KWOK SS 18 depicts the scenario with hand drawing prints & human communication media- written language, etc. in order to record the precious forms of human art. (in case they will really be destroyed by A.I. somedays)

假使將來真的被他們統治,KAY KWOK SS 18 亦希望透過手繪印花及人類創作的文字,希望保留屬於人類的藝術。