Janko Lam


As the foundress of Classics Anew, Janko Lam is well-known for hybrid fashion pieces where the traditional meets the modern. After graduated from Caritas Bianchi College, Lam worked as a costume designer for stage and drama productions at TVB in 2008. In 2010, Lam founded her first company, Mutt Museum Design Company Limited. In 2011, Lam won the championship of the EcoChic Design Award from a fashion design competition for Asia’s emerging design talents organized by REDRESS, a Hong Kong-based charity organization which drives environmental sustainability in the fashion industry. As the champion, Lam interned with a top sustainable fashion brand in London. In 2012, Lam collaborated with ESPIRIT and launched the first local collection on recycled textile capsule. In February 2012, Lam participated in the “Fashion Visionaries” exhibition by invitation of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association. Her show piece was kept in the permanent collection of the Hong Kong Heritage Museum after the exhibition. With her love and passion for Chinese costumes, the brand Classics Anew was conceptualized and launched in 2014.  Lam subsequently started a retail shop with two partners at PMQ, a creative hub at SOHO Central, in the same year and kicked off her first online store in 2015.  Lam is enthusiastic and devoted to her oriental fashion design, aiming at raising the public’s interest in the Chinese heritage and modern aesthetics.

於2010年,創立Mutt Museum設計有限公司,於2011年參加香港慈善機構REDRESS主辦的「衣酷適再生時尚設計」比賽奪得大獎後,獲邀前往英國知名可持續時裝品牌實習,並於2012年與時裝品牌ESPIRIT合作,在香港推出了首個以再生織物為主題的再生時尚別注系列。同年2月,獲香港時裝設計師協會邀請在「時裝.視野」展覽期間舉行的本地時裝品牌匯演中展示該品牌的最新系列,其作品並獲香港文化博物館永久收藏。
2014年起,Mutt Museum以【新裝如初 Classics Anew】為名建立自家品牌,並進駐中環PMQ元創坊,除獨家設計系列之外,更提供量身訂製/設計服務;以中華服飾設計為主調,揉合傳統工藝與時尚製衣技巧,致力推廣華服文化。

Exhibition showpiece


The outfits show the traditional Chinese style but using the denim fabrics to make it stylish, edgy and contemporary.