Roy Mak


Good design can reflect to the society' is Roy Mak's design philosophy. From his graduation collection adheres to his belief that design can arouse public self-contemplation. His inspiration came from Chinese culture, he worked on a fundamental methodology of contemporary Chinese 'abstract' art - Chinese Maximalism. He believes fashion can generate innovative ideas that awake public's attention to the society rather than merely about beauty. His goal is to become a versatile fashion designer, to build up a socially responsible brand that integrates fashion with cultural vision and contribute to the local fashion culture and the industry.

麥卓熙Roy的設計理念是相信「好的設計能夠反映社會」,他希望透過畢業系列能夠喚醒社會公眾的自我反思。畢業系列的靈感來源自當代中國文化,當代中國抽象藝術的論述方法 — 中國極多主義。Roy相信時裝能夠喚醒公眾對社會的關注,還有創新的想法,而不單是時裝的美。他的目標是成為一個多元的時裝設計師,並希望建立一個融合時尚和文化的品牌,能夠幫助本土時裝文化和時裝工業。

Exhibition showpiece


Inspiration came from Chinese Maximalism which leads to the development of a deconstructed-wearable approach to present a conceptual street style design - Chūnyùn.