Charlotte Ng


Charlotte Ng is graduated from Fashion Design of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and worked as womenswear designer for international labels more than 10 years. She was awarded Second Runner up and Best Footwear Design Award in the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest (YDC) 2018.

Charlotte founded the brand ‘Charlotte Ng Studio’ in 2018. She devotes to apply her passion for arts, music and films into design concepts. At the same time, she focuses on precision and quality, aims to set the label apart from ‘fast fashion’ by mass production.

“It's all about self-expression.” Charlotte believes.


Charlotte於2018成立個人女裝品牌「Charlotte Ng Studio」,並致力將她對藝術、音樂及電影的熱情運用到設計概念上。與此同時,她專注於設計上的準確度和質量,旨在將品牌與大規模製造的「快速」時尚區分。


Exhibition showpiece


“Visualization of Radiohead’s song ‘Everything in its right place’. May this outfit stimulate your emotions, as if it had triggered mine.”

「將Radiohead 的歌曲《Everything in its right place》視覺化。願你與我一樣能感受到歌曲與設計之間的連繫。」