Raymond Chan


Raymond Chan is graduated from HK Design Institute majored in fashion design. In his opinion, fashion reveals a person’s personality and life habits, it can also express your life attitudes and bring satisfaction to oneself. The relationship between "theme" and clothing is his most concerned part, and he prefers to use a dark theme to design a harmonious color of clothing, hoping to bring different positive energy from a negative theme and to arouse the audience to consider the meaning of life.

陳偉文Raymond 畢業於香港知專設計學院主修服裝設計畢業。他認為服裝能夠看出一個人的性格和喜好,透過服裝帶出自我的生活態度而得到滿足感,「主題」和服裝的關係是他最為關注的部分,而他偏愛借藉陰暗的主題而設計出顏色和諧的服裝,希望從顏色上於負面主題中帶給人不一樣的正能量。

Exhibition showpiece


Inspiration came from the funeral culture. Even people pass away, funeral culture allows people to connect with their family because they share a graveyard.