Necro Poon


Necro Poon, is the founder and designer of his menswear brand – NECRO POON. Necro grew up in Hong Kong, where he graduated in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Fashion and Textiles design, Knitwear design with Technology major. After his graduation, he was working in London UK for Aquascutum London as well as Clique London as a fashion designer, middle-sex, menswear and accessories design. In January 2015, Necro joined and won the champion of the biggest fashion design competition in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer’s Contest. He, at the same time got praised by Creative director of H&M – Ms Margareta Van Den Bosch and Executive officer of Parco – Mr Gaku Mizguchi.
Eventually, Necro got attention by international company and celebrities, and was invited to join "Don’t Walk Fashion" show 2015 in United Kingdom. Austria Next Top Model (ANTM) had also used his latest collection for their final champion runway show.
In the same year, Necro established the brand – NECRO POON, mainly provide high-end middle-sex and menswear designer products. All of the collections were mainly used of printing and embroidery technique to express the theme about social topics in Hong Kong and around the world. The cutting shows the mood of contemporary and comfortable. Materials are functional which combines with fashion and technology, to build up the value of clothes and fashion.
With his effort, Necro got the support from a lot of celebrities, including FANDOM, Sodagreen, FAMA, Alfred Hui, Lam Fung, Eric Hung, Alan Ho and etc.

Necro Poon,是品牌NECRO POON的創辦人及設計師,主攻男裝設計。
Necro於香港土生土長,畢業於香港理工大學紡織及製衣學系,主攻針織時裝設計及科技專業。畢業後,Necro於英國擔任Aquascutum London及Clique London的時裝設計師,主力於男裝及中性服裝及產品設計。2015年1月,Necro參加了香港青年時裝設計家創作表演賽並取得時尚日服冠軍,獲得H&M創意總監Ms Margareta Van Den Bosch及日本百貨公司Parco的行政主管溝口岳先生點名讚揚。
其後,Necro的設計品受到國際注目,更獲邀請到英國倫敦Don't Walk Fashion出席設計師時裝表演,Austria Next Top Model ANTM亦穿著其最新系列作為比賽的冠軍賽。
NECRO POON得到眾多名人歌星支持,其中包括FANDOM陳偉霆、蘇打綠、FAMA農夫、Alfred Hui許廷鏗、林峯、Eric Hung、Alan Ho等等。

Exhibition showpiece


The outfit is inspired by the protest and social movement around the world. It is a combination of Street fashion and contemporary wear, to stand out the mood of high-end fashion. To express the concept, it has been used a lot of digital printing and 3-D embroidery technique, to state the think and idea of the designer. In the design details, strong mood of colour and printing details has been applied to show out strong, energetic and uniqueness.