Angus Tsui


ANGUS TSUI is a fashion label founded in 2014 with a mission to promote and advocate environmental sustainability in the fashion industry while providing edgy styles and unique aesthetics.

The founder and creative director, Angus Tsui has been awarded in different design contests, Hong Kong and international, including the renowned ‘DFA Design for Asia Awards’, ‘Young Design Talent Award’ and ‘Design Student Of The Year’. He also believes that “Sustainability must be incorporated into the whole supply chain, from design to sourcing, manufacturing, retailing, and even to promotion and after-sales services.” He also worked with the up-cycling vanguards like Orsola de Castro in London to pursue advanced sustainable design techniques.
Apart from being a designer, he establishes an educational charity project named "ANCares" which coordinates workshops, seminars, and exhibitions on sustainability with NGOs like Redress, St. James Settlement and Friends of the Earth. He has collaborated with companies like H&M, Ford, Swire Properties and Cathay Pacific to create up-cycled products by using different sustainable materials.

ANGUS TSUI 成立於2014年,品牌有著前衛的設計及獨特的美學,並致力在社會及業界裡推廣可持續時裝的重要性。
品牌創辦人暨創意總監徐逸昇(Angus Tsui)曾獲多項本地及國際的設計獎項,當 中 包括「DFA亞洲最具影響力設計獎」、「香港青年設計才俊獎」以及「年度設計學生大獎」等。他深信從設計到貨源、生產、銷售甚至推廣和售後服務,都要貫徹可持續發展觀念。曾跟英國環保及升級再造先鋒 Orsola de Castro 及 Ada Zanditon 學習,深化環保時裝的技巧。
除了品牌設計系列外,Angus 更成立環保愛心企劃ANCares,致力在社會教育層面普及可持續設計概念,企劃曾與H&M、Ford、Swire Properties及Cathay Pacific 等大型企業合作,利用其環保物料製作一系列升級再造設計。他還與本港非牟利機構如 Redress、聖雅各福群會及地球之友組織相關的工作坊、講座和展覽,在業界推廣綠色設計的重要性。

Exhibition showpiece


EVOLVE is telling a story of the near future. In the year of 2120, planet Earth is facing a massive destruction because of the serious environmental pollution, resource shortage and population overgrowth. A terrestrial planet, Origin-7 has been found and selected for human colonization, humanity has started the journey to discover a different way to evolve... as a new origin of Life.