Arto Wong


Arto Wong is graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA in Fashion and Textile Design, specializing in Knitwear Design with Technology. She was recipient of the Champion and New Talent Award at Hong Kong Young Fashion Designer Contest 2017 with her collection "Zero to Unlimited”.
In 2013, Wong was awarded Champion and the Best Marketability Award at Hong Kong Young Fashion Knitwear Designer Contest. Arto is best known for her creative and technically ambitious knitwear designs. In 2018, she established her own brand “ARTO” and laughed her first capsule collection at JOYCE Boutique.

黃曉圖畢業於香港理工學院服裝及紡織系,主修針織設計。她憑藉「Zero to Unlimited」系列於 2017年榮獲香港青年時裝設計師賽冠軍和新星奬。
同時亦是2013年香港青年時裝針織設計師賽的冠軍及最具市場價值獎項得主。Arto以她的創意及其技術性針織作品聞名。2018年設立個人同名品牌,並為JOYCE boutique發表其首個 秋冬季膠囊系列。

Exhibition showpiece


It is inspired by the unlimited possibilities of molecular transformation. Here is a story to never underestimate the energy released by combining small molecules.