Walker Chan


Walker is a graduate of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) and Nottingham Trent University. He was awarded Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2018 Champion for his ingenious creation - Wandervögel. His design caught the attention of the judges thanks to its had the most complete look with a real proposition that is ready to take it to the next level. Fashion is a way to show others your aesthetics and style, his ultimate goal is to become niche menswear's designer to make clothes that are unique, remarkable and deliver stories to the others. Seize the day, all good things come to an end. ARE YOU READY TO HIT THE ROAD?

Walker畢業於香港知專設計學院(HKDI)和諾丁漢特倫特大學。他因其巧妙的創作 --Wandervögel而獲得2018年香港青年時裝設計師大賽冠軍。他的設計引起了評委們的注 意,因為它擁有最完整的外觀和一個真正的命題,可以將它提升到一個新的水平。時裝是 一種向他人展示屬於你個人美學和風格的方式,他的最終目標是成為小眾的男裝設計師,製作獨特、卓越的服裝,透過時裝去訴說故事。花無百日紅,憑著每個人的獨特性,無悔地踏上追夢的旅途。

Exhibition showpiece


Encourage teenagers can learn from the spirit of Wandervögel. Seek the challenge that nature given you and find your own position.