Bailey Woo


Woo Sin Yee, Bailey graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University (BA (HONS) Fashion & Textiles) and Hong Kong Design Institute (Higher Diploma in Fashion Design). Her works, the “Fortune Controller”, is inspired by crystal and its superstition. Different crystals represent unique meanings. Crystal believers wear them depending on their wishes, such as wishing for good health and relationship. Some parts of this collection can be switched. People can switch those segments, which represent different meanings of crystals according to what they wish for. The design aims to break the impression of traditional crystal superstition. Bailey hopes that through clothing can strengthen people’s self-confidence and faith.

胡倩儀畢業於香港理工大學(服裝及紡織(榮譽)文學士學位組合課程)和香港知專設計學院(時裝設計高級文憑)。她的作品 -「命運操控者」靈感源於水晶與其相關的迷信概念。這個時裝系列中,部分服飾是可拆式和雙面穿著,可以根據自己的願望和信仰自由轉換和配搭。設計並以反傳統與創新的觀念打破傳統水晶迷信印象,給人正能量。設計師希望大家能透過服飾,提升個人的自信心,活出精彩人生。

Exhibition showpiece


“Fortune Controller” is inspired by crystal and its superstition.