Shun Leong Yeung


Yeung Shun-Leong studied in BA (Hons) Fashion Design in Nottingham Trent University and Higher Diploma in Fashion Design in Hong Kong Design Institute. Presenting willpower and providing the functional garment for human activities through fashion design is Shun-Leong design philosophy. Inspired by Nietzsche’s concept of “Der Wille zur Macht” - (The Will to Power) directed toward self-transformation and overcoming oneself. He seeks to increase human value and become an “Übermensch”. His design collection "Der Wille zur Macht” and “Übermensch”, named after Nietzsche's popular publication. He combined thermoplastic material and thermochromic heat sensitive fabric with pattern construction skills and experimented the potential of fabrics including dying, washing and waxing techniques. All of the garments feature a strong manliness and designed with the purpose for giving the wearer power and protection, staying ready for taking on any challenges in the modern world.

楊舜量曾就讀於諾丁漢特倫特大學時裝設計學士學位及香港設計學院時裝設計高級文憑。通過時裝設計呈現意志力,為人類活動提供功能性服裝,是楊舜量的設計理念。靈感來自尼采的權力意志概念 – 旨在實現自我改造和克服自我的意志。他力求提高人類價值,成為「超人」。他的設計作品集「權力意志」和「超人」 都以尼采的熱門出版物命名。他將熱塑性材料和遇熱變色熱敏織物與圖案構造技術相結合,並試驗了織物的潛力,包括染色,洗滌和打蠟技術。所有這些服裝都極具陽剛風格,旨在為穿著者提供力量和保護,隨時準備迎接現代世界的任何挑戰。

Exhibition showpiece


English Combined with different martial arts FIGHT-WEAR details and finished with the object dyed process and waxing techniques which make the jacket an experienced appearance and fightable application.

終極結合不同武術穿著的細節, 並進行染色工序及打蠟技術,使衣服外觀充滿質感,並有富「戰鬥力」的感覺。