Emily Chau


Emily Chau Chi Wing graduated from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers in Fashion Design。 She is continuing her study in fashion and textile design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
The theme of this collection is “Rotten Truth”. The main concept of the entire design is everyone does not want people to know the truth behind the icing wrapped around the lies. When the truth continues to be covered with layers of sugar coating, in fact it is corrupted and cannot be repaired.
Emily believes fashion does not only describe the outfits, it also can show the lifestyle. Fashion design can make your life becomes more fashionable. Everyone put on clothes, Emily hopes the clothes people wear can show their taste, can express their individuality and even their own stories. Fashion means many things, she hopes everyone wear fashion can show the best of themselves.


Exhibition showpiece


Using grey color to bring out a mysterious feeling and some pastel color to represent sugar coating. With the use of some design details e.g. burning holes on the fabric to bring out the effect of rotting.