Kev Yiu


Kev Yiu, a Hong Kong couture designer with 10 years of high end dress making experience. Kev's unique vision on feminine body structure with his signature glamorous designs which featuring the luxurious detailing and beadings resulted in high appreciation from different international famous actress and celebrities. His first couture brand – Sovereign Romance was launched in England in 2006 and was developed further after moving back to Hong Kong in 2007. Kev also won the champion of Reborn Fashion Competition 2010 and was chosen as the <Rise & Shine> fashion icon by the fashion magazine JESSICA CODE in 2010 and 2014. In 2013, Sovereign Romance renamed as KEV YIU Couture. With the years of hard work, Kev was chosen as one of the winners of Ten Outstanding Designers Award in 2014. Moreover, Kev founded the Hong Kong bridal wear brand – KEVOLIE with famous Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu and opened the first flagship store in Hong Kong. Kev has developed further in different fields beyond couture design like holding the charity concert with orchestra, evening gowns design for Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2016 etc. and hopes to promote more of Hong Kong local fashion. In 2018, Kev re-starts with the brand KEVYIU, a local designer store, and continue to provide the best designs and services.

姚子裕,具十年婚紗晚裝設計經驗,華麗的設計風格,重視細節的雕琢及突顯女性美,深得不少亞洲名人及時尚媒體的青睞。2006年於英國推出首個個人品牌-Sovereign Romance而被受注目,其後於2007年回港繼續拓展其品牌及在2010年榮獲Reborn Fashion Competition 2010冠軍。於2010及2014年兩度被時尚雜誌JESSICA CODE選為《Rise & Shine》時裝潮人。2013年品牌Sovereign Romance亦正式改名為KEV YIU Couture,其後於2014年更榮獲香港十大傑出設計師殊榮。2015年,姚子裕與知名影星胡杏兒小姐合作,創立婚紗晚裝品牌KEVOLIE及於香港開設首間婚紗旗艦店。近年亦積極開拓及參與不同領域的發展,例如與管弦樂團合辦慈善音樂會,2016年香港小姐競選決賽晚裝設計等等,致力推動及宣揚香港本地設計。2018年,姚子裕以個人同名KEVYIU重新出發,成立本地設計師專門店,繼續提供最好的設計及和服務。

Exhibition showpiece


Fully embroidered evening dress with crystals and feathers.