YLY Studio

"We hope that we can bring people’s focuses and appreciations back the details and workmanship in fashion,
and not just the fast-moving trend. “

Matt YL Hui and Lilian LY Tsang both received their Bachelor of Arts degree from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in Bachelor of Arts, and later worked together as a team for renowned Hong Kong fashion designer label Johanna Ho. In 2013, Matt completed his Master Degree at the Royal College of Art in London, while Lilian explored her interest in professional haute couture embroidery at the Ecole Lasage in Paris. Upon their returns to Hong Kong, the duo joined once again and aim to bring back the art behind fashion. It was in 2017 that YLYstudio was founded, and by creating this new brand, Matt and Lilian want to bring back the value of workmanship in fashion. 


In 2010, Matt won the Hong Kong Design Centre’s “HONG KONG YOUNG DESIGN TALENT AWARD” for his innovative work in Womenswear Knitwear. He received a scholarship which brought him to the Royal College of Art, world-renowned postgraduate art and design university in London, United Kingdom.

Matt’s professional experience started in Hong Kong with the international Chinese-culture inspired luxury label SHANGHAI TANG and local designer label JOHANNA HO. He also worked for PRINGLE OF SCOTLAND in London through internship.


Formerly the Chief Designer for local designer label JOHANNA HO, Lilian draws her inspirations from her love for the art of hand embroidery.
After years of experience in the fashion industry, Lilian acquired her professional qualification in Haute Couture Embroidery at ECOLE LESAGE, the prestigious embroidery arts school owned by Chanel Group in Paris, France. She furthered her techniques through internship for ELISABETH GASBARRE ROUSSEAU HAUTE COUTURE STUDIO at Lyon, France.
Lilian believes that the art of embroidery should be passed on from generation to generation, therefore has developed a series of short courses to entice others’ enthusiasm for embroidery and to promote the art of fashion workmanship in Hong Kong.

YLYstudio 女裝品牌於2017年由香港設計師 許業朗Matt Hui及曾麗瑜Lilian Tsang 共同創立。品牌著重於服裝背後的傳統工藝,配合現代時尚,重新演繹充滿價值的時裝工藝。
品牌系列以(Project)為題,從發表第一個系列Project A 開始,每個系列以一種服裝工藝作為細節,目的為使現代人追隨時尚的同時勿忘衣服真正的價值。

許業朗 Matt Hui
2013 年於英國皇家藝術學院(Royal College of Art) 畢業, 主修女裝及針織設計。曾任職於國際中國風品牌上海灘及於設計師品牌Johanna Ho 擔任設計師,留學期間亦曾於英國針織品牌Pringle of Scotland 實習。2010 年Matt 獲選為香港青年設計才俊。

曾麗瑜 Lilian Tsang
曾於香港設計師品牌Johanna Ho 擔任首席設計師。及後於Chanel旗下刺繡學校Ecole Lesage 獲取專業高訂繡花師資格。曾於法國高訂品牌ELISABETH GASBARRE ROUSEEAU 實習。

Exhibition showpiece


YLYstudio Project B
White gather back plaid shirt and spiral ruffle top with XL golden embroidery top with two tone tulle widekeg trousers.