Anson Yu


Anson Yu Tsun Kit, graduated from High Diploma Program in School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUSCS). His goal is to become a couture or even haute couture fashion designer in the future.
His design is mainly inspired by organic shapes and lines from nature. He loves to design new patterns and turn it from raw materials to unique patterns step by step. Although it is time consuming, he really enjoys the production process and seeing his works being showcased on the runway. There are loads of improvement on his design styles like silhouettes, materials and the maturity of embellishments. Although there will be challenges and knowledge he has to face and learn, he will do his best to make his dream comes true.

余浚滐,香港中文大學專業進修學院(CUSCS) 高級文憑課程畢業,目標是在未來成為晚裝設計師甚至高級訂製服的設計師。

Exhibition showpiece


The theme of this collection is “Frost Forest”, inspired by the details that our nature creates in winter.