Yu Chung Hei


Chung Hei Yu, undergraduate of fashion design in Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong and also an embroidery tutor. He has participated in the embroidery design of renowned singer Alan Tam’s concert costume. He is good at evening wear design and French embroidery. Yu was deeply impressed by the delicate embroidery details on the haute couture from a book. Since then he devoted himself to embroidery craftsmanship.
Yu put many embroidery elements and applied different materials to mix and match in his graduate collection during his diploma study, to make embroidery outfit more stylish and dynamic. He hopes to develop different activities on promoting embroidery and craftsmanship in the future.


Exhibition showpiece


The work was inspired by the power inventions of inventor NIKOLA TESLA. He took reference from TESLA’s invention blueprints such as bulbs, power generators and radio to create the embroidery patterns. In addition, goldwork skills were also applied in some parts of the embroidery to make the outfit more elegant and delicate.

作品靈感來自發明家NIKOLA TESLA的電力發明品,作品中參考了一些發明品的設計藍圖去創作刺繡圖案,例如:燈泡、發電機及無線電等。部分刺繡更運用了金繡(goldwork) 技巧從而令作品更加細緻。