Barney Cheng


Barney Cheng took Textile and Design courses at the Royal College of Art in London and Fashion Illustration and History of European Costume at the Parson’s School of Design in Paris, before graduating from The University of Waterloo, Canada with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts Studio Option. Since starting his design studio Yenrabi Limited on Wyndham Street in 1993, Barney’s presence in the fashion industry has led him to become one of Hong Kong’s most renowned fashion designers. Other than offering exquisite evening and wedding gown designs, Barney’s expertise also stretch to the recreation of cultural ‘Cheongsams’ with a modern flair. Ultimately, his entrance-making gowns have earned him the likes of international celebrities and political figures, such as Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li and the Hong Kong Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam, to name a few. Famed for his extravagant yet simple style, Barney believes finding an equilibrium is key, whether it be balancing lavish detailing with an effortless silhouette or between functionality and aesthetics. The translation of this design philosophy extends to exotic skin items, jewels and high-end corporate uniform designs. With his flawlessly tailored and executed designs, he has found kindred souls both near and far. Barney Cheng was in Forbes’s top 25 Most Influential Chinese in Global Fashion in year 2010, is an active participant in the Hong Kong design scene and bestowed with an honorary Fellowship for the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong in year 2015.  Barney Cheng is currently on the board of directors for Hong Kong Design Centre.

鄭兆良曾於加拿大滑鐵盧大學修讀創作藝術學士課程。畢業前,他先後於倫敦皇家藝術學院及巴黎帕森斯設計學院進修短期時裝設計,時裝繪圖及歐洲時裝歷史課程。1993年來,在中環雲咸街開設個人創作室Yenrabi Limited開始,他除了提供精緻獨特的婚紗晚裝外,鄭氏更擅長把現代元素注入旗袍設計,帶領中國傳統服飾推進更高層次。此外,鄭氏曾為不少知名巨星及各界名流精英設計出席紅地毯的服裝,贏盡中外人士的賞識與愛戴。國際知名影星楊紫瓊,鞏利至現任香港特區行政長官林鄭月娥女士都是鄭氏的客戶。鄭氏以奢華而簡約的風格聞名,不論在服裝的細節與線條或是衣服的工能性和美學之間,他均能找到平衡點。他的設計範疇更延伸至皮草,珠寶及高級制服設計。鄭氏對品味的要求和執著,令他在時裝界佔有重要的一席位,贏得了廣泛的肯定與共鳴。鄭氏於2010年入選福布斯全球時尚界最具影響力的25位華人之一。鄭氏也繼續致力於香港的時裝設計發展,於2015年被香港職業訓練局授予為榮譽院士。現時,鄭氏亦擔任香港設計中心董事。

Exhibition showpiece


The Barney Cheng DNA is 'Extravagant Simplicity' – they create bespoke pieces that are simply exquisite and take great care in finding outstanding specialty fabrics.  All hand embellishments adhere to the haute couture tradition.  For this dress, we played with convention to highlight the juxtaposition between modern silhouette and traditional art of embroidery.

Barney Cheng 品牌一向都以「奢華的簡約」 風格亮相。我們在尋找優質面料時非常謹慎,創造出簡約精緻的高端訂制單品。所有釘珠和刺繡都遵循高訂的傳統手工。這件作品我們結合了東方和西方的韻味,發揮現代時裝的輪廓感和傳統的刺繡藝術。