Angus Tsui

Angus Tsui


Experimental. Futuristic. Visionary.

Riding the boundaries of fashion and futurism, ANGUS TSUI designs are born from advocacy, creativity and imagination. Structural majesty, graphic innovation, material whimsy —every piece is a journey through time and space and embodies an enlightening manifesto to protect the planet.

Channelling two narratives—how to preserve our world and how to surpass its expectations of us—the brand reflects new dimensions of colour, form and style, while embracing sustainable practices.

Inspired by human adaptation, ANGUS TSUI designs transcend traditional silhouettes, and juxtapose pattern, texture and colour to emerge as otherworldly artistic expressions. Every design is a defiant statement to live with purpose and passion, and to preserve the resources and environment of our home.


With environmental sustainability at the core, ANGUS TSUI designs are known for their futuristic, avant-garde and otherworldly silhouettes. Founded in 2014, the label is named the Top 100 Designers globally at the JOOR x NJAL 100 Project and received a Bronze Award at the 2017 DFA Design for Asia Awards. Through collaborations with leading Hong Kong brands and Angus Tsui’s educational charity project ANCares, which coordinates workshops, seminars and exhibitions on the topic of sustainability, the label has secured its standing as a pioneer for sustainable fashion.


Upon founding his namesake brand ANGUS TSUI in 2014, Tsui sought to create a label that would advocate for and utilise environmental sustainability in every aspect of its design process—without compromising on aesthetic or quality.

Studying Fashion Design at Nottingham Trent University and Fashion Design and Development at the Hong Kong Design Institute, Tsui was inspired to bridge high fashion with sustainability. Working closely with up-cycling pioneers Orsola de Castro and Ada Zanditon in London, he learned the craft of sustainable design techniques and continues to incorporate these into his work today.

Tsui established his own educational charity project, ANCares, which coordinates workshops, seminars and exhibitions on the topic of sustainability with NGOs such as St. James Settlement, Friends of the Earth and Redress. He has worked directly with companies such as Swire Properties, Cathay Pacific and H&M to create upcycled accessories via sustainable processes. Among other awards, Tsui has received the Common Objective Prize at the 2017 EcoChic Design Awards and the 2014 Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.




憑藉無限創意與想像力,ANGUS TSUI的設計突破界限,遊走於時尚潮流與未來主義之間 — 莊嚴的服裝結構、創新的圖案設計、天馬行空的物料,不單讓每件作品恍如 一趟時空旅程,更致力宣揚愛護地球的訊息。

品牌旨在傳達兩個宗旨 — 如何保護世界,以及如何超越世界對我們的期望。作品呈 現嶄新的色調、外形和風格,同時實踐可持續發展的時裝理念。

為彰顯人類的應變力,ANGUS TSUI以超越傳統輪廓的手法,將圖案、質感和色彩互 相拼湊,把時裝昇華至超凡脫俗的藝術作品。每個設計都是一項大膽的宣言 — 為意義而生,為激情而活,同時為保護家園而珍惜資源與環境。


ANGUS TSUI以推動環境可持續發展為核心價值,於2014年成立同名品牌,設計出富 未來風格、前衛超凡的時裝系列,於業界享負盛名。其品牌於2020年被JOOR x NJAL 100 Project選為全球 Top 100設計師,亦曾於2017年DFA亞洲最具影響力設計獎中獲得 銅獎。由Angus Tsui創立的慈善教育項目ANCares,更經常與香港各大品牌合作,籌辦 以可持續發展為主題的工作坊、研討會和展覽,為品牌建立可持續時尚先鋒的重要地位。

ANGUS TSUI | 設計師簡介

自2014年創立了同名品牌後,Angus Tsui(徐逸昇)致力於設計過程中,提倡及實踐環 境可持續性,同時堅持上乘的美學與質素。

Angus Tsui曾在Nottingham Trent University及香港知專設計學院攻讀時裝設計,期間受 到啟蒙,冀望將高級時裝與可持續發展聯繫起來。他曾與倫敦升級再造先驅Orsola de Castro及Ada Zanditon緊密合作,學習了可持續設計的技術,並不斷將這些元素融入到 作品中。

由Angus Tsui所創立的慈善教育項目ANCares,經常與非政府組織如St. James Settlement、地球之友及Redress等合作舉辦可持續發展工作坊、研討會及展覽。他更曾 與太古地產、國泰航空及H&M等企業合作,運用可持續的生產形式,推出升級再造 配飾。Angus Tsui的作品屢獲殊榮,2017年衣酷適再生時尚設計大賽的Common Objective Prize,以及2014年的DFA香港青年設計才俊獎。

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