Benny Yeung

After completing a dress-making course at a tailoring school in 1968, Benny Yeung opened a tailor's workshop in Central, and later furthered his studies in fashion design at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in the United States of America. In 1973, he returned to Hong Kong after working in Los Angeles and London. As one of the pioneers of the local fashion scene, he is one of the founder members of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association and totally committed to promoting Hong Kong fashion industry. In 1991, in recognition of his innovative bridal design concepts, he won an award for creative design in the United Kingdom. His “Ben Yeung” label specializes in couture and evening dresses, while “Cigale” is a collection comprising executive and casual wear. All of his collections are available in the United States of America, Canada, Japan and Europe. Well-known for its exquisite design, stereoscopic cut and intricate craftsmanship, his work brings out the majestic elegance of his designs using silk, lace, sequins and embroidery. He is also very particular about the appropriateness of a design, which in his opinion should complement the wearer's personality as well as the occasion. His work is extremely popular in high society.


楊遠振於1968年修畢裁剪學校課程後,在中環開設裁縫工作室;及後往美國洛杉磯加州大學深造時裝設計,畢業後曾任職於倫敦及洛杉磯的著名時裝公司。他於1973年回港發展,為本地時裝界的先鋒之一。他是香港時裝設計師協會的創辦人之一,致力對外推廣本地時裝。1991年在英國獲得創意設計大獎,以表揚其革新的婚紗設計概念。他建立的個人品牌「Ben Yeung」主要銷售高級時裝及禮服;而品牌「Cigale」則是行政服及便服系列。所有系列主要銷售至美國、加拿大、日本及歐洲地區。他的作品以精巧設計、立體剪裁、細緻手工著稱。他喜歡以絲綢、喱士、珠片及刺繡來營造高貴華麗的感覺,強調設計須配合穿者的性格及所參與的場合,作品深受社交界人士歡迎。

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