Carrie Kwok

Carrie Kwok

CAR|2IE Designer, Carrie Kwok became a fashion designer since graduated her BA knitwear design in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. After her exploration of production chains in the fashion industry, she recognized that the media also played a key role in shaping the fashion world.

Not wanting to limit her experience in fashion field, Carrie became a Fashion Reporter at magazine. With acknowledged of the glamorous media world, she had a chance to study again, she completed her MA in Womenswear Fashion at Middlesex University in London. And worked as intern in Simone Rocha afterward.

Based on both international educational and career backgrounds, as well as her passion for fashion, Carrie launch her own label CAR|2IE in 2016. And the label has been selected to be one of the winners in Lane Crawford Creative Call Out in 2017.

For many women today, fashion is not just an option but a way of life. A woman wants to be able to reflect her own sense of self and style, and CAR|2IE thrives on that belief; where imperfection equals perfection. CAR|2IE is about expressing designs that have a structural form, yet maintaining their femininity and emphasizing proportion. Our new range focuses on creating a strong silhouette with fine quality creative details, providing you with a wide variety of styling choices. We match components of masculine tailoring to feminine chic elements that provide a refined, striking look. Luxurious and daring, CAR|2IE garments are perfect for creating an inspired style suited to everyday wear that can reflect one’s mood and lifestyle.


品牌設計師 Carrie Kwok 在香港理工大學針織設計學士畢業後,便成為時裝設計師。在了解服裝在實際生產線的製作過程後,她認為傳媒在時裝界也是主要關鍵。所以 Carrie 不想限制她在時裝界的經驗,成為時尚雜誌的時尚記者。接觸過五 光十色迷人的傳媒世界後,她有機會到海外再次進修,她在英國倫敦的 Middlesex University 完成了 時裝碩士課程,其後並在 Simone Rocha 擔任實習生。

基於 Carrie 國際教育和工作背景以及對時裝的熱情,她於 2016 年推出了自己的 品牌 CAR | 2IE。在 2017,品牌在連卡佛舉行的 Creative Call Out 比賽中得獎。

對於今天的許多女性來說,時尚不僅僅是一種選擇,更只是一種生活方式。 時尚的女士希望能夠透過時裝來表現自我風格,而 CAR | 2IE 亦相信這信念,並認為有些缺陷才是完美。透過把中間字母“R”拆開,展示出特別的缺陷美。

CAR | 2IE 重視衣服的結構性,同時保持線條美,凸顯女性氣質,特別強調衣服 與人體的比例。將男士定制服的剪裁和元素與女性化的細節結合。並用高質素 的布料配合創意剪裁,日常穿上 CAR | 2IE 的設計,就能反映出個人品味和風格。

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