Derek Chan

Derek Chan


Founded by Hong Kong designer Derek Chan in 2014, DEMO is a fashion label that redefines masculinity and femininity, dismantles gender boundaries, and brings together philosophy and poetry in designs created to defy expectations. Its signature style of soft masculinity is brought to life with handmade embellishments and embroidery, and rich textiles such as tweed.


Menswear has a legacy—DEMO boldly writes a new chapter inspired by its rich heritage. Classical elements are contrasted with contemporary styling to subvert stereotypes, champion gender fluidity and create DEMO’s signature: soft masculinity.

Every DEMO design offers more than meets the eye and defies expectations with beauty, eloquence and resolve. Traditional silhouettes and patterns are deconstructed so wearers can transform themselves in designs that link modern life and classic literature with influences from nature and poetry.

Using traditional materials in refreshing new ways, designs include handmade embellishments and embroidery, which come together in a symphony of tailoring, creative inspiration and self-expression.


DEMO 品牌簡介

「DEMO」是 Demonstration (展現)的縮寫。無論是男性與女性,都有Demonstration自我的權利。在DEMO的服裝世界裡,性別特徵的界線是濛糊的。感性、情緒化及纖細,並非女生的專利。勇感、堅強及硬朗也並非男生的專利。DEMO 的服裝具備男性與女性的線條與結構元素,加上華麗又大膽的細節,去打破被傳統標籤規限的性別形象。以每一個系列都訴說著「勇敢的展現自我」的故事。


男裝設計歷史悠久,DEMO承接優良傳統,為21世紀的男裝設計注入嶄新元素。混合男女裝的元素,以詩意與哲學創造獨有品味。細部的設計,例如手工裝飾,刺繡和粗花呢物料,展示男性溫柔的一面,塑造柔和的男孩形象。DEMO 每件設計均令人大開眼界,散發的美感與態度,超越想像。設計師解構傳統的剪裁和圖案,滲入了大自然與詩的味道,連繫現代生活與經典文學。喜以傳統物料作創新演繹,細部設計例如手工裝飾、刺繡等元素,是完美剪裁、創意靈感與個人品味的合奏。

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