FAKEFAN is a streetwear fashion label founded in 2019 by Kurt Ho and Nelson Leung. Inspired by Hong Kong cinema in the 70s and 80s, including Kung Fu movies, police dramas and Stephen Chow comedies the debut collection featured a presentation, titled “Full House” staged an old cinema, with models watching a “movie” filled with messages that reflect the designers’ thoughts on the world today, be that comedic, sarcastic or serious. 

This streetwear collection is colourful and quirky, including a dress that is an inverted tank top. The oversized canvas jacket in bright colours can go with any outfit. “Anything goes” seems to be the mantra when it comes to colours. Graphics play a big role in this collection, whether printed, sewn or embroidered. The items are largely unisex and allow for countless mix and match possibilities.



這個街頭時裝系列,色彩繽紛又帶怪奇格調,其中包括一件倒背心裙, 色彩鮮豔的超大碼帆布外套,可配襯任何服裝。在色彩方面,「應有盡有」可算是其宗旨。至於圖案在此系列中同樣起了重要作用,無論是印製、縫製或是繡花,主要作品均屬中性設計,並可發揮無限的配搭可能性。

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