Gary Tsang

Gary Tsang

Gary Tsang, a sports fashion and pattern designer, started in the Australian fashion industry years ago. Since then, he has worked with more than 20 international brands in the United States, South Korea, Hong Kong, and Mainland China. Gary Tsang is an ardent mountain bike athlete and has represented Hong Kong in Asian competitions. With unique life experience, he is both a fashion designer and a professional athlete, achieving his iconic design style and life attitude. His creations are diversified in style and rich in colour, not only matching each season's trends but also incorporating environmentally friendly concepts and functional product into his collections. Gary Tsang has also won numerous awards such as the Global Design Award (2011, 2016), the Hong Kong Jockey Club Most Creative Design Project, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Design Power (2011, 2016), Asia's Most Influential Design Awards (2015, 2016), etc.



曾志豪 Gary Tsang ,運動時裝及圖案設計師,早年於澳洲開始接觸時裝設計行業,先後在美國、韓國、香港及中國內地效力近20多個國際品牌,擅長運動時尚風格,同時也是一位代表香港出征海外賽事的山地單車運動員。擁有獨特的生活經歷,既是時尚設計師,又是專業運動員,成就其標誌性設計風格及生活態度。作品風格多元化及色彩豐富,既能配合每季潮流元素,同時也具環保概念及功能性的產品系列,作品先後獲得多個國際獎項,如全球設計大獎(2011、2016)、香港賽馬會最具創意設計項目設計大獎、香港貿易發展局設計動力 (2011、2016)、亞洲最影響力設計大獎(2015、2016)等。


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