Jackson Wong

Jackson Wong

2019 HKFDA Young Talent Award Winner

Wong Lok Tin, Jackson, graduated from the Hong Kong Institute of Design with a Higher Diploma in Fashion Design Men's Wear and went on to get his Bachelor of Fashion Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He won the Bronze Award in the China Xtep Cowboy Festival Sneaker Design Competition in 2019. His experience and feelings in the tailor shop during his internship inspired Jackson's graduation collection. He believes that people today tend to focus solely on brands and designers, and often overlook every "Anonymous Hero-Tailor" behind every piece of clothing. He likes challenging and futuristic designs, which is also the direction of his future design.

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2019 HKFDA Young Talent Award 得奬者

王樂天Jackson Wong,畢業於香港設計學院時裝設計男裝高級文憑,後於香港理工大學繼續修讀時裝設計學士課程。他在2019年中國xtep 特步牛仔節波鞋設計大賽中獲得銅獎。更於畢業時裝秀上榮獲「澳大利亞美利努羊毛最佳使用獎」。Jackson 的畢業作品靈感來自於裁縫店實習時的經歷和感受。他認為現今人們往往只著眼於品牌和設計師,而忽略了每件衣服背後的每位「無名的裁縫師」。他偏好具挑戰性及未來感的設計,而這也會是他未來的設計方向。

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