Keith Kwok

Keith Kwok

Keith Kwok worked in the hotel industry for over 15 years. Passionate about fashion design since childhood, he decided to quit the hotel industry and pursue studies in knitwear design. In 2017, he graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute and then continued studying at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University to learn more knitwear technology.

While at the Hong Kong Design Institute, Keith participated in the graduation show and was awarded "The Best Use Of Merino Wool Study Tour Scholarship", sponsored by The Woolmark Company. That same year, Keith Kwok entered the 7th Hong Kong Young Knitwear Designer Contest and won first prize.

Keith is obsessed with knitwear design and would love to explore more possibilities in knitwear products.

The work is inspired by the first science fiction novella about time travel, "The Time Machine".

This collection hopes to discuss the value of "time" with the audience. We may not be able to change the past, and changing the past may also have some related consequences. Therefore, if we cherish the present, then we can create a better future, forgoing the need for a time machine to change the past.


Keith Kwok(郭健銘) 從事酒店行業15年以上。 由於未曾放棄童年時對時尚創作的夢想,他決定退出酒店業,繼續進行針織品設計的學習 。 於二零一七年畢業於香港知專設計學院,並於香港理工大學深造,以學習更多針織技術。

在香港知專設計學院學習期間,Keith Kwok參加了畢業展,並獲得The Woolmark Company贊助的“最佳使用美麗諾羊毛學習獎學金”。 同年,Keith Kwok參與了第七屆香港青年針織設計師大賽,並獲得冠軍。

Keith Kwok醉心於針織品的設計,並希望在針織品上探索更多的可能性。

作品靈感來自第一部關於時間旅行的科幻小說, “The Time Machine”。這系列希望向觀眾探討“時間”的價值,我們或未可能改變過去,而且改變過去也可能會產生一些相關反後果。因此,要是我們珍惜現在,那麼就可以創造更美好的未來,也不需要時光機去改變過去。

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