Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth Tsang

Kenneth Tsang graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. He participated in the International Fur Design Competition 2016 and was awarded First Runner-up in the International Hong Kong Fur Design Competition 2013 and the Knitwear Symphony 2016.

He believes design is about how we are living, by observing everything in daily life and documenting every aspect of design. Once we combine observation and documentation into our lives, we can enjoy the fun in design.

In every piece of design, he includes layering and different combinations, such as a long jacket, shirt, knit top, all with embroidery patterns and handmade details to reinforce the theme. In terms of colour, he usually uses navy and grey and adds on other colour tones to brighten up the entire art piece.

Lost memories inspire the showpieces; weaving fragmented lost memories to recreate these eye-catching garments. They are knitted works with embroidery patterns of lost fragments, mixed and matched with loose cutting and pleated shirts to bring out different layers.


曾佳梁,Nottingham Trent University時裝設計(榮譽)學士畢業。



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