Nicole Mak

Knitwear design graduate from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, winner of Knitwear Symphony 2019, finalist of the PolyU graduation show, and first runner-up of the Knit For Next competition, are all part of Nicole Mak's accomplishments. At present, she is a marketing officer at Xinao Textiles and a freelance knitwear designer.

Nicole's brain is always brimming by everything related to the cosmos. As such, structures and colours adopted from the universe have become her dominant design style. Merino wool is her most favourite material, and her latest collection "Jupiter" is a menswear collection made almost 100% from merino wool.

Knitting stitches and techniques are the critical elements in her design process. Because of them, she identifies with being a designer as well as a technical developer.

A detailed and completed garment will catch her eye, while the harmony in colour adaptation will intensity her feelings towards that garment.

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Zhejiang Xinao Textiles inc.

Tong Xiang Yi Cheng Fashion Limited


畢業於香港理工大學,2019年 Knitwear Symphony 冠軍,理大畢業展的決賽選手和Knit For Next比賽亞軍。目前為Xinao Textiles擔任Marketing Officer和自由針織設計師。

Nicole的大腦總是充滿與宇宙有關的事物,因此從宇宙中的結構和顏色成為其主要設計風格。 Merino Wool是她最合意的材料,其最新系列〈Jupiter〉是接近100% Merino Wool 男裝系列。 針織針跡和技術是其設計過程中的重點,因此她會將個人定位為一名技術開發人員,同時亦是一名設計師。一件帶有細節和完整的衣服會引起她的注意,顏色應用上的和諧感也會增強她對服裝的感覺。

Sponsored by

Zhejiang Xinao Textiles inc.
Tong Xiang Yi Cheng Fashion Limited

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