Olyvia Tse

Olyvia Tse

Olyvia Tse has been interested in handmaking items since she was a child. From a pen to a shirt, she would either alter it or start making it from scratch until it was as she wanted it to be. While in secondary school, she enrolled in VTC's Applied Learning Course in Fashion Image Design. This course cultivated not only her interest in fashion design but was also the major milestone in her journey to fashion. She believes designers not only create new works but also play an essential role in bringing changes to users. She hopes her artistic work will speak to audiences and keep beautiful design alive.

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Olyvia自小開始就對工藝製品很感興趣。小至一支筆、大至一件衫﹔無論是改造或是從零做起,她都會想要做到自己最喜歡的模樣。直至在中學時候,她報讀了職業訓練局的應用學習課程 (時裝形象設計)。這個課程培養了我對時裝設計的興趣,更是令她邁向時裝之路的一大里程碑。設計師對她而言不單是創造新作品,更是擔當著為使用者帶來改變的重要位置。她亦希望其設計能向觀眾傳達訊息和保留美好的設計而不被取代。

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