Peggie Wong

Peggie Wong graduated in Fashion and Textile Design from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with first-class honours. She has received several design awards in the fashion field, including the Best Total Image Award, the Fashion Styling Award, and the Best Art Direction Award while studying Fashion Image Design in the Hong Kong Design Institute. Things around her always inspire Peggie, and she then artistically expresses those ideas. Her designs tend to be exaggerated with radical silhouettes and unique embellishments with newly discovered materials. A strong personal style can be seen in the collection.


Peggie Wong畢業於香港理工大學紡織及製衣學系,以一級榮譽的優異成績取得時裝設計學士學位。亦曾於香港知專設計學院就讀時裝形象設計,期間獲得多個獎項,包括the Best Total Image Award, Fashion Styling Award 和 Best Art Direction Award。其設計靈感主要來自自身周邊的事物,然後把它以充滿藝術感的方式傳釋出來。設計大多傾向誇張舞台服飾,誇張的線條輪廓配合獨特的繡縫裝飾來突顯設計的個人特色。

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