Ryan Wong

Ryan Wong

Graduated from the Hong Kong Design Institute and currently studying in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Ryan has received “Shima Seiki Award” in the Knitwear Symphony 2019 and participated in various categories of design competitions such as fur, sneaker and sportswear. As a fashion student, Ryan believes that design comes from life, thus most of his ideas are related to his daily life and combine with his favorite fashion style “Smart Casual”.


畢業於香港知專設計學院, 目前在香港理工大學學習針織時裝設計。曾參加毛織時裝匯演2019 - 第九屆香港青年毛織設計師大賽, 並榮獲"Shima SeiKi Award"。除此之外, 以往亦都參加不同類型的時裝比賽,例如皮草、運動鞋以及運動服。作為一名時裝設計的學生, 我認為設計源於生活, 因此大部分的設計靈感都與生活相關。同時亦熱衷「時尚休閒」的設計風格。

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