Tina Tsoi

Tina Tsoi

Tina Tsoi studying fashion design in Thei (Technological and Higher Education Institute in Hong Kong) for a bachelor degree and has chosen knitwear as her specialist which allows her to have a deeper understanding on knitwear industry especially the production progress. Fashion is not only about a garment, but a form of a good manner when dressing well. As a fashion design student at this learning stage, uniqueness is the core element that can find in her design.

Her first presented knitwear collection named “Shade of Dandy”, which was going to deliver the message of delightful, energetic but classic images. Inspired from dandy in 1920s, bringing the elegance and arrogance from classic dandy into modern womenswear with a mix of tennis elements of the. The usage of colors was mainly taken from tennis fashion to bring out a new look in knitwear design. Knitting fabrics were used for suit design through traditional cutting and sewing method, which project a new image of suiting. Moreover, knitting techniques such as twill and net jacquard were used throughout the whole collection to create different texture and shapes. The renowned tennis icon - Bjorn Borg’s portrait was printed on a one-piece sweater with a purple color tone.



《光影貴族》把 20 年代復古男裝 Dandy 講求的優雅與傲慢,再混合 70 年代的網球元素, 然後放入女裝。此系列的設計把針織布片以⻄式方法剪裁及縫製以增加現代感。經典的貴族⻄裝元素配搭鮮豔奪目的網球元素,使針織時裝給人一種全新的突破和新鮮感。除外,此系列運用了斜紋、提花等針織技術來達到不同的效果和質感。其中一件設計印了著名網球運動員比約恩·博格的頭像,配合毛料和顏色的運用,因而增加了新鮮感。

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