Violet Liu

Violet Liu

Violet graduated from the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong and was one of the shortlisted designers to present in the graduation fashion show.

The scenario of old-style Hong Kong constantly inspires her design concepts. She likes to capture the inspirations from daily life through photography and believes that inspirations are always nearby, waiting for our exploration. She hopes to encourage people to cherish the good old times and what they possess, as well as to achieve cultural exchange through her creative works. Violet likes telling diverse stories through her outfit collections. She loves to apply graphics and patterns to spread messages and themes. Moreover, she enjoys bright and eye-catching colours to express the moods and concepts, wishing to tap into the collective memories of Hongkongers.



她的設計理念不斷受到舊香港的場景和事物所啟發,因為她喜歡透過攝影來捕捉日常生活中發現的靈感,並相信這些靈感就在我們身邊,只是等待著我們的探索。 她希望透過設計促使人們珍惜美好的舊時光和擁有的東西,同時也藉著設計作品來實現文化交流。她喜歡通過服裝系列講述不同的故事,更善於應用圖形和圖案來傳播信息和主題。另外,她喜歡鮮豔而搶眼的顏色來表達主題情感和概念,亦希望能夠引起大眾的共同回憶。

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