William Tang

Before studying fashion design in the United Kingdom, William Tang completed his Bachelor's Degree in Economics in Canada. Following graduation, he worked in design in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. In 1985, he returned to Hong Kong to establish his own design company and founded his own personal label, “William Tang”, launching his first women’s wear collection focusing on knitwear. Besides fashion design, he is also involved in image styling and uniform design for a variety of organizations. With a client list comprising such names as the Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Dragon Airlines Limited, MTR Corporation Limited and the Bank of China, he has won numerous titles and awards both locally and internationally. His list of accolades includes the Hong Kong Communication Art Centre’s Hong Kong Art and Design Festival Ten Outstanding Designers Awards (2005), and Outstanding Greater China Design Awards (2006). While his designs take on the form of the dressing structure of the West with the qualities of the East, his personal style is a combination of worldly scenery with street-level details. He has even created a collection featuring the calligraphy graffiti works of Mr Zong Zao Cai (also known as the “King of Kowloon”), which are regarded as iconic in local culture and symbolic of Hong Kong’s collective memories. His work is featured among collections which are to be found on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Australia, the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the United Kingdom, and also the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


鄧達智於加拿大取得經濟學士學位後,往英國修讀時裝設計,畢業後曾於歐洲、北美洲及東南亞從事設計工作。1985年回港成立自己的設計公司及個人品牌「William Tang」,推出首個以針織為主的女裝系列。除了設計時裝系列外,他亦為多間機構如香港國際機場、港龍航空有限公司、香港鐵路有限公司及中國銀行等設計形象及制服。曾獲得海內外多個獎項,包括香港傳藝中心頒發的香港傳藝節十大傑出設計師大獎(2005年)和大中華傑出設計大獎(2006年)。他的設計以西方衣著結構為主體,結合東方氣質,混合人間風景及街頭細節成為其個人風格。他曾把甚能代表本土文化和集體回憶的「九龍皇帝」曾灶財的街頭塗鴉書法譜成富特色的時裝系列。其設計的作品被澳洲動力博物館、英國國立維多利亞阿伯特博物院以及香港文化博物館納入館藏。

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