Wilson Choi

Wilson Choi

Wilson Choi, in his early twenties, graduated from Nottingham Trent University, has lived in Hong Kong and Germany. Under the influences of the multicultural environment, Wilson became capable of exploring human emotions and current social phenomenon as an inspiration. And he chose to establish his own brand, REDEMPTIVE in 2018.

We define REDEMPTIVE as a group of rebellious teenagers that concerns the world and the society, “Fresh and distinctive, young and mature.” The brand enriched those fresh blood in this era that are brave seeking breakthroughs and pursuing freedom. Designer loved to do reflection through creative work and brought out the unique story by the brand.


僅20歲出頭,先後於香港及德國生活;在不同文化環境的影響催生下,使REDEMPTIVE品牌設計師Wilson Choi,更善於以探究人類情感和當代社會現象為靈感。於英國諾丁漢特倫特大學畢業後,Wilson選擇在2018年創立個人品牌REDEMPTIVE。Wilson將REDEMPTIVE定義為一群心系世界,關注社會的叛逆青年,乾淨而鮮明、年輕而成熟。品牌濃縮了時代下那些勇敢突破且追求自由的新鮮血液們,是當代中國青年的縮影。設計師喜歡透過創作反思,通過作品帶出獨特的品牌故事,並藉此拉近人與人的距離。

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