Winky Luk

Winky Luk

Hong Kong-based fashion designer, Winky Luk, has been honing her womenswear and textile skills for the past five years. Initially a woven womenswear and accessories designer, Winky blended her skills on sewing and reformation of garment structure with experiments on knit textures, the structure of the woven fabric, and the use of florals, creating a unique style of a withered feel and an impressionist vibe.

The relationship between human and nature appears very often in her work. In her BA graduation collection, dull and rusty colours of withering flowers and woods were used to portray the dark sides of human emotions. The twisted and crooked forms of wilted flora echoed the body form of a depressed individual. Through the synergy of colours, shapes, and textures of dying vegetation, a modern atmosphere of mediaeval inspired romance was composed.

Currently, she is in London for her MA in Textile Design at the University of the Arts London with bio-based concerns for the future development of fashion textiles.





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