Winsome Lok

Winsome Lok is a professional and comprehensive couture designer with extensive experience in Hong Kong. After cultural and film arts training in UK & Hong Kong, she attained her Degree in Design and Master of Global Fashion Management from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She began her career as a fashion design director in 1998, working for various international brands while also getting involved in costume design for movies and shows. In 2006, she applied for the Design Incubation Programme organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks and the Youth Business Programme organized by the Youth Business Hong Kong where she gained support to set up her company Winsome Fashion Ltd. Inspired by history and culture, develop embellishment, creating the silhouette in 3D draping & pattern making technique and its interpretation. Winsome Lok specializes in evening and cocktail dresses, fashion design and corporate uniform consultation. She has received international design award , won the merit prize at The HSBC Living Business Awards (2008) and the champion of Asian Ace, a fashion competition show in Japan media (2012). She opened Winsome Lok Showroom in PMQ (2014) and is the visiting lecturer in Hong Kong Design Institute.


駱麗明是一名專業及全面的高級時裝設計師,在英國及香港修讀文化和影視藝術,於香港理工大學取得設計文學學士 學位及環球服裝管理紡織學碩士。她於1998 年開展其事業,為多個國際品牌公司擔任時裝設計總監,期間也涉足電影和舞台服飾設計。她於2006 年申請香港科技園的設計培育計劃和香港青年創業計劃,得以創立自己的穎生時裝有限公司,主力製作晚禮服、酒會禮服、提供服裝設計和企業制服顧問工作。她的設計靈感源自歷史和文化並研發創意繡飾,創作輪廓以立體剪裁及紙樣技巧,令設計富有特色。她入選多個國際設計獎項,並獲得滙豐營商新動力獎勵計劃的優異獎狀 (2008 )。並於日本電視台時裝比賽節 目Asian Ace獲得設計冠軍(2012 )。 現在更被邀進駐PMQ成立個 品牌店及擔任香港知專設計學院的客席講師。

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