Charlotte Ng Studio

成立于2019年,Charlotte Ng Studio不仅是时尚品牌,而是旨在设计具有故事和态度的服饰。

灵感从音乐,艺术,大自然,到社会角色,Charlotte都希望透过衣服的线条和细节,提醒女性应在社会和自身当中的反思和学习, 让女性能够自信和真实地表达自己的想法,展现个人独特性。


Charlotte相信, “通过我们无限的想像力,我们创造。 希望系列能够感动妳,如同我创作时它感动了我一样”

Established in 2019, Charlotte Ng Studio is not only a fashion brand, but it aims to design clothes with stories and attitudes.

From music, art, social roles, to nature inspiration, Charlotte encourages self-expression.

Through the shapes and details of the clothes, it brings out the inner thoughts, reflections and attitudes of women in society and themselves. Giving limitless imaginations to women expressing themselves confidently and truly.

The brand focuses on feminine design, 3D cutting with textured metallic elements, to create an independent, intelligent and individual style. Elegant but stylish.

Charlotte believes.

“Through our limitless imaginations, we create.

May this collection stimulate your emotions, as if it had triggered mine”