FromClothingOf于2015年成立,希望打破大众对女装的固有看法,令每一件衣服都能保持自己的价值和功能。品牌名字灵感取自「Exlibris」一字,意指from library of,代表「这是我的书」之意。命名FromClothingOf是希望让女士能宣示主权,找到属于自己的衣服。

FromClothingOf专注于每件服装的面料和轮廓,以确保为都市女性提供高品质和独特风格的穿着。 虽然看似极简主义和单调色彩,但这些单品都经过精心剪裁和解构,设计师探索不同剪裁技术、面料的混合,做出具有刚强而女性化风格的精美细节。

In 2015, FromClothingOf was founded with the aim of breaking away from conventional ideas about women’s aesthetics, and every piece of clothing can be enhanced their own values and functions. The name “FromClothingOf” comes from “Ex-libris”, meaning “from library of”, i.e. my book. This refers to women claiming the right to how they dress.

FromClothingOf focuses on the fabrics and silhouette of each garment to ensure high quality and unique style wear for urban women. While minimalist and monotone at first glance, the pieces are meticulously tailored and structured, characterized by its asymmetrical shapes, exploration of different tailoring techniques, blends of fabrics, and fine details that possess a powerful yet feminine style.