在MOODLABBYLORRAINE,我们相信这个世界上不是只有纯色的袜子。我们在街上经常看见人们花很多钱在他们的衣物和鞋子让自己变得好看,但是他们却因为只穿普通的袜子而让整个形象减分不少。MOODLABBYLORRAINE 希望透过鲜艳硬朗的颜色让顾客对于自己每日的穿搭有不同的灵感。每一个袜子设计都是特别的,因为它们都有背后的故事。

Colours drive the way you are. Founded in 2020, MOODLABBYLORRAINE started when realising the difficulty in finding fashion items with good colours to express one’s own mood and personality. The brand exist as a laboratory for people to experiment with different colours, textures and graphics in order to find their true self. At MOODLABBYLORRAINE, we inspire that our socks can provide a new choice of socks for customer’s everyday outfit. Our designs are innovative in that they are genderless and season-less with no limitations and boundaries when it comes to styling your everyday outfit. Each design has a story to tell, which makes them unique in their own way.