phenotypsetter持玩味、非常态、在前及创意的态度设计衣服。以概念出发,phenotypsetter务求创作另一个外型、结构、物料、视觉、风格, 让衣服以机巧及不一样的方向来呈现 。

phenotypsetter认为穿着应不受限于我们的性别及身体,亦不设定风格,不跟从潮流及常态。 phenotypsetter 重艺术性,亦将手艺细节融入设计里,追求不一样的布料及图案。

phenotypsetter 以中性服装开始,其后加入女装及配饰,让创意产物更多样化。现时我们的销售渠道包括元创方自营店、精选店、网店、购物网站等。我们亦于不同时装周 – 巴黎、东京、上海及香港等,展示新季系列。专售店分布于欧洲、中东及中国等地。此外,我们也跟其他公司合作,于东京、上海及香港举办快闪店。

经历多年时装创作后,phenotypsetter开始转向以可持续理念制作衣服,将循环经济理念融入当中。于2019年,关始开办升级再造工作坊,发展新产品线 。

phenotypsetter stands for an attitude for playful, unconventional, forward, and creative concept for clothes. Taking a conceptual approach, phenotypsetter attempts clothes in another shape, construction, material, visual and style, allowing them to be made in a witty and novel approach.

The way we dress doesn’t confine to our gender and body. phenotypsetter does not set visually a definite style, and disregards trend and norms. We appreciate art and incorporate handmade details into the design for alternative textures of fabric and graphics.

phenotypsetter started with gender neutral ready-to-wear, women and accessories lines are added later for diversified creations. Currently phenotypsetter is selling at her own shop at PMQ, online shop, select shops and e-marketplaces. Phenotypsetter also showcases seasonal collection at Fashion Week in Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, with stockiest in Europe, Middle East and China. Pop-up stores were held in Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Years of experiences and encounters in the fashion industry have also influenced us to start reforming to a sustainable way of doing wearable and incorporate the circular economy concept. We’ve started to host upcycle workshop and work on new product line and user experience since 2019.