Lu Lu Cheung

Lu Lu Cheung obtained her diploma qualifications from the Hong Kong Institute of Fashion Design. In 1982, she founded her own company, Rolls Group Ltd. Her first label “terra rosalis” as well as her signature label “LU LU CHEUNG” were launched in 1992 and 1996, respectively. She designs casual daywear, executive suits and evening gowns, and her products are available in Europe, Japan, the United States of America, Australia, Taiwan, and Singapore, etc. With contemporary designs targeted at working women, she loves to use natural fibres in her clothes. Her designs are known for their simple elegance, featuring natural colours, fluid lines and delicate cuts. During the twenty-seventh Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter, she won the International Fashion Editors' Best Collection Awards (1996) and later the Royal Selangor Artistic Excellence Award (2003), Hong Kong Art and Design Festival Ten Outstanding Designers Awards (2006) by the Hong Kong Communication Art Centre, etc. She is now the creative director of Rolls Group Ltd.


張路路在香港時裝設計學院修畢時裝設計文憑課程。1982年成立羅絲集團有限公司,於1992年及1996年推出個人品牌「terra rosalis」及「LU LU CHEUNG」,設計清逸便服、上班服及晚裝,銷售至歐美及亞洲等地。設計以富時代感的職業女性為對象,喜以天然纖維為衣料,顏色素淡,線條流暢,裁剪細緻,以簡潔清雅見稱。自1989年起,她參與本地及世界各地多個時裝展,1996年於第27屆香港秋冬時裝節中獲得國際時裝編輯最佳系列大獎,2003年獲皇家雪蘭莪頒發優秀藝術大獎及於2006年獲香港傳藝中心頒發香港傳藝節十大傑出設計師大獎等。她曾多次擔任不同時裝設計比賽的評審,現為羅絲集團的創意總監。

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