SUN=SEN不只是艺术,更是一个会说故事的品牌。同一事物于不同人亦有各自理解方式。设计师就如同一位『STORY TELLER』,利用不同手法将各式各样的物料拼合起来,营造出独特视觉观感。品牌SUN=SEN的系列充满趣怪元素,将多种物料运用于同一服饰上彷,如带领大家进入她的梦想王国, 细说每个趣味故事。品牌基本的概念结合了美学和有趣的设计,希望他透过服装向世界散播一种正能量和愉快。品牌标志,代表生活的矛盾,我们相信矛盾创造情感,这些情绪带来了意想不到的艺术美妙。品牌曾参与多个国际时装展像英国Pure London,巴黎Tranoi,香港Centrestage,上海ontime等。秋冬18被Tranoi挑选为Young Talents 设计品牌之一。2019,SUN=SEN被选为Vogue Talents 之一。

SUN=SEN is more than an art, it is a brand telling emotions with colours. SUN=SEN is pronounced as SUNEQAULSEN. Aesthetic and fun design is the fundamental concept of the brand. SUN=SEN believes mood and stories define the soul of the collection. SUN=SEN aims at creating fashion in a funnier way, we hope to use garments to spread a sense of optimism to the world. At the same time, SUN=SEN looks for a more sustainable way for our designs, we would like to extend our clothing’s life span and increase the value of each garment. In these few years, we keep developing more and more multi-wear items in each collection. We have our own brand logo, which represents the contradiction of life. SUN=SEN believes contradiction creates emotions. These emotions bring out unexpected prettiness of art. In AW17, Paris Tranoi has selected SUN=SEN as one of the young talents brands. SUN=SEN has been exhibited internationally such as Pure London, Paris Tranoi, Hong Kong Centrestage, Shanghai Ontime and so forth. Also, SUN=SEN was selected as Vogue Talents in 2019.